Paccheri with Beef Tail Sauce


As I wrote in the previous recipe “Coda alla Vaccinara“, I prepared some extra sauce to be able to cook the day after this incredibly tasty dish.

You cannot imagine how intense was the aroma and flavor of beef in this sauce, after about 24 hours resting in the fridge 🙂 simply delicious.

So, technically, this is a recipe made with leftovers 😀 and moreover, if we don’t consider the 4 hours needed to prepare the original recipe, it’s also a “fast food” dish 😀 indeed, it took actually just 16 minutes to be cooked, the time for paccheri to be ready.

Traditionally, following the Italian tradition to have a first course and a second course, it’s normal to make some more sauce while preparing this kind of recipes, so you can have sauce for the pasta first, and then you eat the meat after. But I’m not always so much hungry 😀 so I often split the two things into two separated meals.

How did I prepare this dish? First of all I took out the sauce (there was also some little piece of tail meat inside 🙂 ) from the fridge about 30 minutes before, I always prefer to bring the food in the fridge at room temperature not too fast.

Then I started boiling the water for the paccheri (but you can use other types of pasta: rigatoni, ziti, penne, mezzi paccheri are also good), then, when I put the pasta into the boiling salted water, I started to warm the sauce in another pan, putting before on the bottom of the pan just a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Oh, how much pasta? It depends on how much hungry you are 😀

Once the pasta reached exactly the perfect minutes of cooking (also 30 seconds before the suggested time), I drained it and then put it in the pan with the sauce, I add a ladle of the cooking water, and I let it cook for about 1-2 minutes at medium/high flame, mixing together everything and letting the starch of the pasta to create some cream, in a way  that the sauce could attach well to the pasta, until the liquids are reduced (the better quality is the pasta, and the more starch the pasta will have to make the whole dish nicely “blended”, moreover a good quality pasta will not overcook during this extra time in the pan with the sauce, but it will keep its perfect texture).

Serve it in a dish, and if you want you can add a little drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, to enhance even more the aroma 🙂 otherwise, it’s already good and tasty enough 😉

And if you want to make this pasta even more perfectly “Roman”, then add some grated Pecorino cheese on it!

It was really, really tasty!


Products used:

Beef: Angus from “Terra Pannonia”

Pasta: Paccheri from Pastificio Gentile



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