Lasagne al Pesto

Do you you have too much pesto at home? 😀 then here it is a good solution 😀 If you love pesto, then you are going to love this recipe. It requires some job, but it’s not too complicated, moreover if you prepare more you can also freeze it, and eat it whenever you want,…

Skirt Steak Roll, with Ragusano Cheese and Bell Peppers

I think I already wrote in other posts how much I love the skirt steak, with its very beefy flavor and also good prices 🙂 Normally I prefer to keep my steaks simple, but this time I decided to make a roll with it, since its shape helps for this kind of preparation, and I…

Beef Ribs in the Oven

This a great recipe for two reasons: it’s delicious, and the ribs are quite a cheap cut 🙂 To cook well the ribs, having them soft and still juicy, it’s not always easy. First of all you need a good quality beef, so ribs coming from an animal that has a good level of marbling….

Lamb Chops “a Scottadito”, with Tzatziki and Mint Sauce

I know that nowadays many people, meat eaters I mean, don’t like the idea to eat lamb, but even if I eat much less meat than the average, I’m not vegetarian/vegan so in Easter traditionally I also eat lamb. Actually in my family we use to eat the kid goat (always bought from a farmer,…

Tiella di Gaeta

As I wrote in other previous posts, I really love octopus, I can eat it in all the ways 🙂 but to put it inside a focaccia it’s not really common, and this is basically what this recipe is about. It’s an old traditional recipe from Gaeta, a village in Lazio region, bordering Campania region….

Risotto with Red Scorpionfish

Here it is another risotto, with one of the best fish available on the market in my opinion: the Red Scorpionfish. It is a fish that traditionally is used for example in fish soups, but its fillet it’s really delicious, with a nice and nervous texture, and particularly tasty, more intense than many other fish….

Risotto with Tub Gurnard – Risotto alla Gallinella

Do you know the tub gurnard? In Italian we call it gallinella, and traditionally it’s one of those fish used to make many delicious fish soups, but its fillet it’s also very good and it can be used in many ways. In the past, like all the fish “for soups”, it was quite a poor…

Coq au Vin – Braised Rooster

This is one of the most iconic recipes of the French cuisine, not only because the “coq” is their national symbol, but because this recipe is really a masterpiece if properly executed. It’s an old recipe with a long history and tradition, that dates back when it was common to have roosters at home, or…

Cinghiale in Dolce Forte – Tuscan Wild Boar Stew

I love game meat, in winter I use to prepare it more times, and wild boar is between my favorites. I use to prepare it stewed, with usual Italian flavors, but this recipe it’s very unique for nowadays common taste, and the first time it can be very surprising 🙂 perfect for some special occasion….

Casunziei Ampezzani – Traditional Filled Pasta, with Beetroot

Here it is a very interesting traditional recipe, typical of the mountain area of Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige regions (more specifically the so called Ladinia), more in particular this is the most common version in the Valle d’Ampezzo area. Because like all the traditional recipes, there are variants (in this case also completely different) changing from…