Polenta-Nachos :)


This is not really a recipe, but a nice use of leftovers, or at least what some people would think it’s not to eat 🙂

How did I make these “nachos”? I simply scraped the bottom of the pot after I made polenta at lunch 🙂 As often happens, there was a nice full layer of crunchy crust on the bottom, and to remove it it’s very easy, you just have to lift it with a fork, and easily it gets removed.

I usually eat this at the same moment I remove it, but since this evening there was the derby match Inter-Milan, I thought I could prepare some homemade sauce (well, my wife did it 🙂 ) and eat them next to a good beer while watching the match 🙂

What to say, they are very good! And they are much better than what it’s usually possible to buy in supermarkets: no big amounts of salt, no extra fats, no artificial aromas, and I know I used a good cornmeal (“farina di Storo“, made from a particular corn, with an amazing rustic taste).

But especially, what gives me satisfaction in this case is the fact I could use something that often is supposed to be thrown in the garbage 🙂 instead no waste, no leftovers 🙂 Cheers!



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