“Roastbeef Style” Fallow Deer


I am sure that many people heard about the classic English roast beef recipe, that nice piece of beef cooked medium or medium/rare, and then usually served cold and thin sliced.

But I saw on some hunters groups that it was possible to do it also with game meat, so since I had at home a nice piece of fallow deer (a muscle of the thigh), today I decided to try, and it was a good idea 🙂

Let’s see.

INGREDIENTS (4 people):

  • 1,0-1,2 kg of muscle from the leg (I think it is called sirloin tip in English, but I am not sure), I used fallow deer but also other animals of the deer family are perfect too
  • 60 g coarse salt
  • 10 g fresh sage
  • 10 g fresh rosemary
  • extra virgin olive oil
  1. Remove the meat from the fridge 1 hour in advance. Preheat the oven at 220 °C. Tie the meat with kitchen twine, then season the meat with a little bit of salt (not much, we’ll add it later too) and a thin layer of oil.
  2. In a robot add the coarse salt, the sage and the rosemary (just the leaves), and reduce it to a mixture.roastbeef_venison_7
  3. Heat a cast-iron pan, and when it’s hot brown the meat on all the sides. Few minutes is enough, just the time to make a nice crust.roastbeef_venison_5
  4. After that, take an oven tray, place a grid inside and place the browned meat on it. On the top spread the mixture of coarse salt and herbs (you can add to the mixture a small spoon of water, to make it wet).roastbeef_venison_4
  5. Place the meat in the oven at 220 °C, fan assisted mode, for the first 10-12 minutes, then reduce the temperature at 180 °C and bake for other 15 minutes, about. Switch off the oven when you reach a temperature at the core of the meat of 54-55 °C (but it can vary depending on taste).
  6. Cover well the meat with an aluminium foil, and let it rest in the oven (leave the door open) for at least 50-60 minutes. Or even more, as we said it can be eaten cold too.
  7. After the resting time, remove the salt/herbs rub from the meat, and cut thin slices.
  8. I served it with new potatoes first boiled, then cut in half and cooked in butter. And I also prepared a citronette with the juice of a lemon, a spoon of mustard and 30-40 ml of extra virgin olive oil. But it was great also just to add on the meat few drops of a good quality balsamic condiment.

On the following day you could also prepare some delicious sandwiches with it!


Perfect also with some sprouts 🙂



And if it remains, you can make some amazing sandwitch too 🙂




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  1. Karen says:

    Your dish reminds me of our travels to Germany and Austria where this meal is very popular and delicious.

    Liked by 1 person

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